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Personalized mind coaching for success in India's top competitive exams like UPSC, JEE, NEET, GMAT, CAT and more.

Why mind coaching is important?

The winning mind

Winning in life, be it in sports, exams or career, is not just about hard work but also about managing and winning over our emotions, our mind.

Perform under pressure

Our frame of mind determines our ability to absorb information, stay motivated through the journey, and most importantly, perform when it matters the most.

Necessity, not luxury

It's the difference between feeling overwhelmed and empowered, between giving up and persevering. It ensures that when the crunch moment comes, you're not just prepared, you are Ready.

We help you own your present and build a successful future.

Our experts design a personalized plan for you based on your unique needs and requirements to help you build the mental strength, conditioning and mindset to win.

What is Devotus?

We are India's 1st mind coaching platform offering expert counseling, guidance and performance support to students preparing for India's top competitive exams like UPSC, JEE, NEET, CAT and more.

Find expression, release, perspective & understanding for your feelings, thoughts and worries. In a confidential and non-judgmental space.

Learn coping mechanisms to handle life's persistent stressors like career, relationships, academics, money or past trauma.

Transform your hard work into success. With our curated U-program, you build the right mindset needed to break through any challenge.

Features Providing Support

Qualified experts experienced in supporting young adults across a variety of conditions.
Care that is affordable, confidential and respects privacy.
Get access from multiple channels like video, audio or text with an option to stay anonymous if you want. Your comfort is paramount.

Word from our experts

"At Devotus, we equip students with the mental toolbox they need to navigate challenges be it building the mental attitude or navigating various academic issues, anxiety or personal struggles."

Madhu Jha Pathak

Family counselor, Life coach

"Timely guidance from a mental coach helps students persevere in the face of setbacks, giving them a feeling of purpose, hope, and direction. It encourages them to focus on what is good about them and their life."

Shobha Jain

Counseling Psychologist, Life coach

Dedicated students at Top academies work with us to complete their preparation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is mental coaching?

Mental coaching focuses on enhancing an individual's performance, particularly in competitive or high-pressure environments like sports, academics, or professional settings. It involves developing mental skills such as focus, confidence, motivation, and resilience. It is used by athletes, students, professionals, or anyone looking to improve their performance in a competitive arena.

How is counseling different from mental coaching?

Counseling process is aimed at helping individuals understand and cope with emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues. It involves exploring feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, working through challenging or influential memories, and identifying aspects of one’s life that they would like to change. It involves a trained counselor or therapist.

How will mental coaching benefit me?

Mental coaching for competitive exam aspirants enhances focus, stress management, and confidence, essential for peak performance. It develops resilience, effective study habits, and a positive mindset, crucial in navigating academic challenges and emotional pressures. This comprehensive approach bolsters both academic preparation and mental resilience, key to long-term success.

What services are offered by Devotus for aspiring students?

We offer comprehensive mental coaching and performance support platform for adult students preparing for competitive exams in India. Our services include personalized counseling and coaching support tailored to each student's unique needs.

How do Devotus offering benefit aspiring students?

These services meant for aspiring students helps them build the crucial ability to navigate the journey to crack competitive exams. Coaches also instill resilience and confidence, helping students overcome setbacks and maintain a positive mindset. These benefits extend beyond academics, equipping students with lifelong skills for personal and professional development.

Is it possible to get consultation Online?

Certainly, all our consultations are conducted online. We provide options for video and audio calls as well as messaging. You can select from our range of U-program plans.

Can I choose between audio, video, and messaging for Chat Sessions?

You have the flexibility to choose between video and audio mode at the time of scheduling. We also offer a Safe Space section where you can schedule a Message session to chat anonymously with an expert.

How can I trust the confidentiality of the information I share during my sessions?

We use HIPAA enabled software tools (HIPAA is a globally accepted privacy standard in healthcare). You can be rest assured that all your information is private and secure. None of the sessions on Devotus are ever recorded. We don't use any Artificial Intelligence models in our offering. We don't have any obligations, commercial or otherwise, to share your data with anyone.

Who are the counseling psychologists, and what are their qualifications?

Our psychologists are highly experienced professionals with extensive years of expertise in nurturing the well-being of young adults and students as they navigate various life stages. Their dedication lies in delivering personalized support customized to your individual requirements.

Can I choose my counseling psychologist for U-Program?

Yes, you have the freedom to select your counseling psychologist from among our subscription plans
Facing issues in booking or have any questions about our offering? Chat with our friendly support team.
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