Express, share. Anonymously.

Sometimes, all you need is to talk it out.
Freely express yourself in a completely anonymous setting. Without the fear of judgment.
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Chat. Anonymously.

Now converse with a counselor on text message from wherever you are, without revealing your identity.

Taking that first step to reach out for help can be difficult. We have made it easier for you.

Book your session at ₹350
(Inclusive of all GST)
Share with peace and assurance. Your identity and conversation remain completely anonymous.
Whether you have a query, need advice, or just want to talk, our experienced counselors are equipped to offer guidance across a wide range of subjects.
Most affordable way to seek counselor support.

Just Vent

An audio-only session with a Devotus care professional giving you a listening ear. Talk about matters you could never share with anyone before, without judgment or interruption.

Book your session at ₹249
(Inclusive of all GST)
Our care professionals are here not to guide, but to listen and understand.
Sometimes, all it takes to feel better is to be heard, a cathartic release that refreshes
What you say here, stays here. Your sessions are private, anonymous and are NEVER recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a Vent session work?

It is a confidential and anonymous session for you to express, share your feelings, struggles, frustrations out loud with a Devotus care professional. This is an Audio only session. Try it today.  

How does a Chat session work?

Our Chat with Counselor feature allows you to talk to an expert, anonymously, in a text message conversation format. You will receive a unique conversation link from our application when you purchase a session on our website. Try it today.

How are these sessions Anonymous?

Your identity remains completely anonymous during the Safe Space sessions. This means that the counselors and care experts do not have access to identifiable information about you during or after the session. So that you can converse with complete assurance.

Do I talk to a real person during the Vent Sessions?

Yes. A Devotus care professional is on the other end listening and offering support during a messaging session.

Do I need to choose the Devotus care professional for a Safe Space session?

You will be automatically assigned a care professional basis the day and time slot you choose.

Are there any specific topics I can or cannot talk about?

You are free to talk about anything that's on your mind. There are no restrictions on topics. Our platform is a judgment-free zone designed for you to express yourself freely.

How long do these sessions last?

Both Vent and Chat sessions last for around 30-40 mins.

Can I schedule sessions at any time?

Yes, our services are designed for your convenience. You can schedule sessions at a time that suits you best, subject to the availability of our care professionals.

What if I need more than just a Vent session?

If you feel you need additional support, we offer a U-program which offers personalized counseling, coaching and performance support for your journey.

What if I want to have a conversation with the counselor during Speak Your Heart Out?

Speak Your Heart Out is designed for one-way communication. If you wish to have a two-way conversation, we recommend using the Anonymous Chat feature or a Single session care plan from our U program.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our friendly support team.
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